Headquartered in Abu Dhabi UAE, Gulf Asset Management Establishment (GAM ) commenced operations in 1998. With an objective to provide the highest measure of professional and reliable consultancy services to the business community. Our operations began by offering on-demand services, delivered simply by providing the channels through which international experts could provide the much needed timely expertise, in technical, environmental, and, technological fields in the UAE, with particular emphasis on Abu Dhabi.

Since its inception GAM has offered services in the fields of Risk Management, Fleet Management, Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Technical Document Production and Control and Specialized Man Power Supply. Founded to offer support for the technical management of capital assets, the company specializes in Engineering consultancy.

We have reached a status with the ability to design and manage customized delivery programs throughout the UAE.
Here is a small list of industries that we cater to:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation and Desalination
  • Road Safety and Fleet Monitoring
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Communication and High End Technology
  • Document Control and Document Management

GAM markets the specialists engineering consultancy services of it's overseas partners. These partners posses a track record of professional excellence for the enhancement of major engineering assets, to worldwide standards.